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Gambling without any risk whatsoever is always fun and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Gamble the night away in style, playing at professional casino tables including blackjack and roulette. Guaranteed to keep your pulse racing with the excitement of winning or blowing a fortune in fun money! Our professional, friendly and experienced team will transform your venue into Las Vegas. Your guests will participate in the enthralling atmosphere of a top class casino. Croupiers attend every event and are professionally trained and dressed in matching evening wear to compliment your occasion.

Fun Casino is easy:

  • Fun money (instead of real money) is provided to you and your guests.
  • The Fun money is then exchanged for chips at the gaming tables.
  • Our croupiers will show you and your guests how to get the most fun out of any game played.
  • As the evening draws to a close your croupiers will ask guests to return all chips and fun money
  • The event winner is announced and non-cash prizes can be presented.



The classic and ever-popular casino version of the English game "Pontoon". The object of the game is to beat the dealer with a higher total to a maximum of 21.

Easy for novice players to pick up quickly and great for all to watch.

The most attractive looking of all the tables and one of the easiest games to learn.

Roulette is an integral part of every casino event. With its exciting gameplay and glamorous reputation, the table will be full throughout the event (up to 7 players at a time).

Try your luck on the spin of the wheel. Choose your lucky number or place your bets on red or black.

The most popular poker game of the moment as seen on ‘Late Night Poker. Whether you are a pro at Poker or you simply want to experience the game which is currently sweeping the nation, we have the professional equipment for you.

Our friendly croupiers are able to teach any novices the rules of Texas Hold’em and host Poker Tournaments for 100 people or more.

Casino Stud Poker
This easy-to-play poker game is seen in casinos around the world. The game is also known as Caribbean Stud Poker as this is where the game originated. This simplistic form of Poker is played solely against the dealer; with your 5 cards, you must beat the dealer's 5 cards. The tactics are taken out of the game, with no card changing and NO need for crazy Poker faces. This game is a great introduction for all to the world of poker.

Wheel Of Fortune
Las Vegas classic, the Wheel of Fortune is a laugh a spin game for all your fun casino needs. The wheel consists of segments, which you place a bet. Once your bet is placed the croupiers will spin the wheel, where the wheel stops nobody knows.

This game makes every casino look like the bee’s knees.

Place bets on a spin of the big wheel.

Craps (Dice)
The action is fast and furious. Be the shooter – shoot the dice. The game revolves around the seven. Let the Craps dealers show you how it’s done.

This glamorised game is a great addition to any casino event, its complex rules keep people at the table for hours. A shake of the dice whilst staking all your money makes a fun evening for all.

Las Vegas Slot Machines
A great addition to any Casino party or Las Vegas night. Add to your fun casino with FREE play token slot machines at your event. Each slot machine is interactive and has plenty of bonus play. Flashing bright lights and sound effects will bring the true atmosphere of a Las Vegas casino floor to the UK. Every guest including children can try their luck on the slot machines at your wedding reception, private party or corporate event and tokens exchanged for casino chips at the gaming tables.

Our slot machines accept tokens instead of coins. You start the reels spinning by pulling the stick down located to the left of the machine and each reel can be stopped by pressing the three buttons in any order underneath the reels. You win by matching any three symbols in a row on five different win lines and should you be lucky or skillful enough to hit three sevens or similar you enter the Jackpot mode where you can win anything from 300 tokens to 1000 tokens.

3 hours

What Standard Of Equipment Would I Get When I Make A Booking?
All of our equipment is excellent quality casino equipment, not toys.  We take great care of the equipment, ensuring that your guests will get the 'wow' factor when they arrive.  We provide loads of gambling chips and we take care to make sure you have the right chips for the tables.  We equip our tables to full casino standards including items like table signs (showing maximum and minimum bets).

How Much Space Do I Need For A Casino?
Each table requires a 5ft x 8ft space.

What Factors Affect The Number Of Tables I Will Need?
The following factors will affect your table choices:-

  • Space available at your venue
  • Budget
  • Number of guests
  • The overall look and feel you wish to create for your event

How Many Casino Tables Should I Hire?
Always a tricky one.  As a guide, we suggest one gaming table per 20-30 guests.  Of course, it depends on other factors as well (budget, space, other simultaneous entertainments, etc.)  We are more than happy to help scale your fun casino to match your requirements and provide detailed expert advice.

Do I Need A Licence For A Casino Table?
No, Fun Casino Tables are just for fun and no money is involved.

Are Croupiers Included?
Yes, all our casino tables come with professionally trained croupiers.

Is Fun Money Included? 
Yes, and we can even print your company logo, birthday message, or bride and groom's names on our money for an (additional cost).

Is Your Equipment Full Scale Casino Equipment?
Yes, unlike other fun casino hire companies, all of our tables are full scale, and to real Las Vegas casino standards.

Can I Offer Prizes To My Guests As Part Of A Fun Casino Night?
Yes, you can and, in fact, it's a good idea to do just that. It's a great way of reaching a natural end for the event. However, the law states that any such prizes must not be the only inducement to persons to attend the entertainment.

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What our clients say

Many thanks for your great professional service, the guys on the night were fabulous, engaging and friendly, arrived, set up and ready to go in good time, provided great photos and were a great success!

Link for photos sent through quickly, the changes I requested were made speedily and I would definitely use your services again for any future requirements and recommend you to anyone else.

RKH Specialty

I just wanted to contact you to thank you for the people you sent to us, they were really good and provided the anticipated wow factor to our party.  Your ladies were good fun, great entertainment and happy to get involved in events and help out.  They really got our event off to a good start.  Please send them our thanks and appreciation for providing such marvellous entertainment.


The event went great, thank you very much. Please pass on our thanks to the 3 guys, they were very good and we had many people approach us to say how good they were.

Institute and Faculty of Actuaries

A BIG THANK YOU for last week’s fantastic performance! Everybody really enjoyed the singing. It was a shame the event was running late but your group understood and were amazing!

Homebase Ltd

Your performers were amazing!

The magician was absolutely brilliant everyone was very impressed.

Our managing director was a big fan of the break dancing waiters and he said it was planned very well.

Grain London Ltd

We had a great night with your bingo entertainment. Your host Peter certainly played his part in that.

Sky Sports

Please do pass on our thanks, the feedback was very impressive and the entertainers did an excellent job.  The guests were very happy.

The Economist Group

Just wanted to send you a note to say that Rick was just such a rock star on our stand this week at Black Hat Europe.  He is just such a super chap and totally wonderful to work with.  He just rocks up and gets on with things, we had some issues with our cabling and he sorted that out and then just keeps rolling all day.  He chats away with all the ‘customers’ and is a joy to work with.  All our team at Carbon Black, just love him. 

Carbon Black

The event was a huge success and we have had some great feedback. It was certainly one of the most popular areas of the night!

Chelsea Football Club

It was a great night and we have had fantastic feedback on all the acts that you provided.

The acts went down really, people seem to enjoy them and each one appealed to a different group so a nice mix for all staff.