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Pickpocket Magicians

Pickpocketing is an ancient art form that combines skill, subtlety, and a touch of mystery, making it a captivating addition to any event. Whether you’re hosting a private party, a corporate dinner, or a wedding, inviting a pickpocket magician can add an element of excitement and entertainment that is sure to leave your guests amazed and amused.

Our pickpocket magicians specialise in an innovative, unique, and humorous approach to entertainment, focusing solely on the art of pickpocketing—no unnecessary fluff, just pure engaging fun with a lesson in vigilance. These performers are a rare find in the UK, making them some of the most sought-after entertainers in the industry. Their ability to seamlessly blend with guests and skillfully steal items like watches, wallets, phones, and even belts, all in good humour, is both astonishing and delightful.


  • During Drink Receptions: This is a prime time for pickpocket magicians. As your guests arrive and mingle, our magician will circulate, engaging small groups and setting a lively tone with their sleight-of-hand antics.
  • Around Tables: The pickpocket will visit each table, performing brief but impressive shows that capture the attention and fascination of your guests.
  • After Dinner: Following the meal and speeches, our magician can perform a 30-minute show that transitions perfectly into the evening’s dancing session. This timing ensures that the energy levels are kept high and that your event flows seamlessly.
  • For Small Dinners: In a more intimate setting, the pickpocket can provide parlour style entertainment, a mix of cabaret and table magic, creating an interactive and memorable experience for your guests.

Whether you’re looking to create a buzz, spark conversations among your guests, or simply provide a unique entertainment experience, our Pickpocket Magicians are sure to deliver. Get ready for your guests to be left wondering and laughing as they ask, "How did you do that?!" and "Where’s my phone?" This is not just entertainment; it’s a memorable encounter that will be talked about long after your event concludes.

1-2 hours 


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