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Human Living Statues are so like the real thing that they provoke a hilarious reaction once they move.

Our Human Living Statues are amongst our most popular party entertainers. Your guests will actually wonder how someone can remain in the same position without moving, for such a long time. However, once they do move, the reactions of the unsuspecting guests who have been caught out are hilarious.

Our statue catalogue is that comprehensive, we will be able to supply you with a human statue, whatever the theme of your event. Be it a Human Statue of Liberty, Human Oscars, or Roman Soldiers we have them all.

Great outside venues at entrances or as ice breakers at a drinks reception, it will not be long before a large crowd of interested onlookers are gathered around the Living Statue awaiting their next move.

Our Statues come in all forms and themes, from classical statues to bronze figures who can take your photo, it’s entertainment and surprise all round.

Statues available include: 

This Living Statue is there to make your guests feel like stars or royalty – as they arrive at your event, this statue comes to life and zips about taking flash pictures and joking with the guests. What a greeting, being ‘papped’ on the red carpet!

So realistic, you have to touch it to make sure. This Cricketer will bowl you over at your next event in his realistic bronze costume.

This apparently stone statue of a Georgian stately gentleman, he stands aloof and elegant, just as if he was a real old statue. Don’t get too close though, he’s just waiting to take you by surprise to the amusement and entertainment of everyone else.

Complete with medical bag and stethoscope, this doctor apparently made of bronze is a marvel of medical science. The Doctor is one of the most highly realistic Statues available, and he’s just waiting to take your pulse which is sure to be racing when he just bursts into life.

One of our custom creations, this one was made for the Conservative Party. The City Gents appear to be made of weathered stone, stained and dirty, and you can ask for up to 4 of them at one time. If you’ve got a London or other city themed event, these are just perfect.

You can even fit them with a tie in your corporate colours. Complete with umbrellas and bowler hats, these gents are at home in any city, and their performance is as good as money in the bank.

Elegant, poised and romantic, our Classical Lady looks like the finest of female Statues, made in a light stone colour that is just too realistic. She makes elegant and poised gestures, nothing crude or vulgar, and the perfect foil for Georgian Stone Man if you want a double act. She is suitable for sitting in a classical venue, maybe the foyer of a stately home.

Just waiting to serve, this Victorian Shopkeeper is incredibly realistic and with exquisite hand drawn detail. You can customise him with a set of props to support your product or brand, and he is certain to be the centre of attention. A high quality act to entertain visitors and act as a draw at an exhibition.

Complete with clanking chains and a baleful eye, the late Jacob Marley is a perfect Christmas character – he can quash the highest of spirits and bring you back onto the straight and narrow, just the way he dealt with his business partner, Mr Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol.

Golf is a popular game so this golf themed Statue complete with a golf club will stand stock still to the amazement of your guests – this intriguing Statue is a fairway to drive in guests to your stand at an exhibition or entertain at a sports club.

Elementary my dear Watson, in this case, the elements are silver and surprise, as this pewter silver coloured Statue stands magnifying glass in hand to identify the guilty party. He searches for clues on unwary guests who stray too near, ready to hand them over to Lestrade, much to the delight of onlookers.

Simply ready for your every command, this well-mannered and poised pair are a great double act, and suitable for hotels and high-end venues to welcome in your guests.

Graceful and elegant, romantic and beautiful the Stone Angel with her wonderful wings is a sandstone statue that would grace the finest of romantic events and weddings.

Anyone for tennis? The dashing Fred Perry retro style tennis playing Statue is a perfect match for an event. Simply dashing, he waits and then swings his racket to get your guests rocking with laughter at his antics.

Brilliant for toy fairs, shopping centres and military-themed events, this fearless toy soldier will stand to attention until the time is right, before sweeping into military action.

We may not be not amused, but your guests will be. This grumpy-faced Living Statue and Queen of the Empire will deign to appear by polite request and is ideal for British and Victorian themed occasions.

A perfectly upright pillar of the community, with a walrus moustache you could use as a soup strainer, this Royal Bodyguard has the stiff upper lip to end them all. Pair him up with his Royal Queen Victoria, and you have a double act to die for.

Custom made Statues that are available to make an appearance at any football stadium around the world. These are shiny silver Statues and certain to grab people’s attention.

Watch heads turn as our exquisitely beautiful levitating human statues floats in the air. Extremely detailed make-up and costumes complete this ultra classy and unique piece of living artwork.

The only limit is your imagination – if you need something different to fit in with your event or brand, please give us the details and we’ll get Imagineering.

The ultimate in Statue installations, the arch consists of 2 delicately suspended figures woven together in a mass of decorative flowers or whatever your theme dictates. The impression is of exquisitely beautiful figures floating in the air. Extremely detailed make-up and costumes complete this ultra-classy and unique piece of living artwork...

Used across a doorway or entrance, the installation makes a high-impact first impression to an event. This can also just as easily be sited as the centrepiece to a room, or even located outside for gatherings such as weddings. The figures normally sprinkle rose petals on people passing through the arch. One of a kind; you won’t find this anywhere else - it’s the new pinnacle of lush installation. The archway can also be customised if you have a particular colour-scheme or theme, and if required each figure is available separately.

The usual amount of time that our statues perform is 2 x 45 or 3 x 30 minute sets, although more sets can be done subject to an additional cost. During this time they will hold elegant static poses, coming to life to surprise and amuse your guests whenever possible. Our Statues have even been known to climb off their plinths and perform graceful slow motion dances...!

Your Statue(s) will arrive approximately 1.5 hours before the start of their performance in order to get ready - it is vital for them to have somewhere secure to get changed and apply body paint where they can also leave their belongings - in an ideal world there would also be a shower available to them, but running water will suffice if necessary.


  • Corporate Events
  • Weddings
  • Festivals
  • Private Parties
  • Christmas Parties
  • Theme Parties
  • Bar and Bat Mitzvahs
  • Exhibition and Trade Shows
  • and many more…


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What our clients say

Many thanks for your great professional service, the guys on the night were fabulous, engaging and friendly, arrived, set up and ready to go in good time, provided great photos and were a great success!

Link for photos sent through quickly, the changes I requested were made speedily and I would definitely use your services again for any future requirements and recommend you to anyone else.

RKH Specialty

I just wanted to contact you to thank you for the people you sent to us, they were really good and provided the anticipated wow factor to our party.  Your ladies were good fun, great entertainment and happy to get involved in events and help out.  They really got our event off to a good start.  Please send them our thanks and appreciation for providing such marvellous entertainment.


The event went great, thank you very much. Please pass on our thanks to the 3 guys, they were very good and we had many people approach us to say how good they were.

Institute and Faculty of Actuaries

A BIG THANK YOU for last week’s fantastic performance! Everybody really enjoyed the singing. It was a shame the event was running late but your group understood and were amazing!

Homebase Ltd

Your performers were amazing!

The magician was absolutely brilliant everyone was very impressed.

Our managing director was a big fan of the break dancing waiters and he said it was planned very well.

Grain London Ltd

We had a great night with your bingo entertainment. Your host Peter certainly played his part in that.

Sky Sports

Please do pass on our thanks, the feedback was very impressive and the entertainers did an excellent job.  The guests were very happy.

The Economist Group

Just wanted to send you a note to say that Rick was just such a rock star on our stand this week at Black Hat Europe.  He is just such a super chap and totally wonderful to work with.  He just rocks up and gets on with things, we had some issues with our cabling and he sorted that out and then just keeps rolling all day.  He chats away with all the ‘customers’ and is a joy to work with.  All our team at Carbon Black, just love him. 

Carbon Black

The event was a huge success and we have had some great feedback. It was certainly one of the most popular areas of the night!

Chelsea Football Club

It was a great night and we have had fantastic feedback on all the acts that you provided.

The acts went down really, people seem to enjoy them and each one appealed to a different group so a nice mix for all staff.