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The Glambot / Robot Cam

Unleash Show-stopping Video Content for Your Audience!

Experience the clarity and brilliance of our top-tier 4K Camera, capable of filming at an incredible 240 fps. This allows for mesmerising, high-speed slow-motion captures that are bound to leave viewers in awe. But it's not just about the camera. Our on-site attendant orchestrates a variety of captivating movements, ensuring every guest is presented in the best light, engaged and animated.

From the foundational arm setup to the video layouts, as well as email distribution and online gallery designs—every element is customisable. It's tailored to suit your vision, making it the premier choice for Brands, Corporate Activations, Awards Shows and Film/TV Premieres.

Ideally suited for Film Launches, Premieres, Music Award Ceremonies, Product Launches, Award Shows and Brand Activations.

Don't just capture the moment—make it unforgettable.

Ever wondered about the extras you receive with our packages? Dive into the extensive list below!

Stunning Slow Mo Magic Camera
Step into the future with our high-definition camera that boasts an impressive 240fps. Imagine your videos playing back four times slower than the usual sight— it's a mesmerising sight that's hard to miss. And guess what? These videos are rendered in a portrait layout, making them perfect for instant uploads on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook Reels, and YouTube Shorts, among others.

Tailored Backdrops at Your Service (Available as Add-On)
Every GlamRobot Package you book includes a free standard backdrop! Sized at a generous 8ft x 7.5ft, it easily fits in most spaces (though, do check your ceiling height). Want to up the wow factor? We're ready with custom backdrop installations for that extra sparkle!

A Duo of Skilled Attendants
Each of our GlamRobot/Glambot packages comes accompanied by two expert attendants. One masters the art of robot operation (trust us, it's an expertise) while the other ensures a smooth flow, prepping the guests for the best video experiences. Plus, they've got the instant sharing handled.

Swift Sharing? We've Got It!
Harness the power of cutting-edge video software which allows rendering in a mere 11 seconds. Customise with effects and visuals as you wish. Once polished, share them instantly via Airdrop, our top pick! Other options include EMail, QR Code, and Text Message (stable Wi-Fi needed). And here's the cherry on top— our booths are equipped with GDPR and Data Capture capabilities. Ideal for Corporate Gatherings, Brand Engagements, and Product Introductions.

Get ready to redefine moments with us!



How many professionals accompany the Glambot?
Each Glambot setup is accompanied by two expert attendants. One is specifically trained in robotics, vital for managing our advanced Glambot system, while the other focuses on camera mechanics and guiding guests through the video experience.

What's the process for guests to get their videos?
Thanks to the latest software innovations, our videos are rendered in under 20 seconds right at the event. Your guests can receive their videos through Airdrop, QR Code, Email, or Text Message (Note: We don’t recommend WhatsApp due to significant video compression). Plus, we can showcase recent videos on a nearby display screen for everyone to see!

Do you provide backdrop options?
Indeed, we do! Whether you're looking for a sparkling shimmer wall, a mesmerising light tunnel, or something entirely unique, our design teams got you covered. We also have a collection of ready-to-use backdrops if that aligns better with your needs.

Is outdoor use possible for the Glambot?
Certainly! We just need a reliable power and Wi-Fi connection. It's also essential that the Glambot is set up on firm, stable terrain. If the weather turns unfavourable, we'll need a quick plan in place to move and protect the equipment. Safety and quality are paramount!

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Line Dancers (Supreme)
1 Star
It was the first time that the Club has used a similar service and the dancers were excellent and also able to flex their approach to meet our needs (as the stage space was limited and headset mics in short supply). We captured some fantastic photos that show just how much our employees enjoyed the event and all the dancers were friendly and helpful. It helped us to get into the party spirit and also set the Western theme/tone really well
Newcastle United Football Club
Badge Caricaturist
1 Star
They were amazing and the crew had a fantastic time! Please thank them again for me!
WTTV Productions Ltd
Mirror Dancers
1 Star
Your Mirror Dancers were Excellent, so very charming and accommodating and I wouldn’t hesitate to book them again especially if they were the very same two, they are a credit to you and your company.
Milsom Hotels & Restaurants
Mind Reading Show
1 Star
Mark was great! He was extremely professional and truly entertained all of our guests. Would definitely recommend him for similar award evening events such as ours. Also I wanted to thank you Leslie for answering my many queries, providing us with lots of options, and ultimately helping us book Mark.
Carlisle Support Services
Roaming Bubble Performers
1 Star
Firstly, just wanted to say a massive thanks to you and your fabulous artists for all the help last season, all events were incredibly well received by the fans (as always!).
West Ham United Football Club
Silhouette Artist
1 Star
Magicians, Caricaturist and Silhouette performers were great! Definitely 5*! Thank you very much Leslie.
Rabobank International Bank
Football Simulator
1 Star
The event was a huge success and we have had some great feedback. It was certainly one of the most popular areas of the night!
Chelsea Football Club
Close up Magician, Mind Reader & Pickpocket
1 Star
Your team of magicians, pickpocket and mind reader went down so well last year we would love to book them again please – the pickpocket was hilarious!
UKLA – United Kingdom Lubricants Association
Snow Globe Photo Booth
1 Star
I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and the guys that came last week. They were lovely and very helpful and accommodating. I hope it wasn't too hectic for them.
The Economist Group
360 Booth
1 Star
Thank you so much for being part of our event – George was great! We love the videos – I have shared them with the team!