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Alice in Wonderland

1-12 Performers 

Adapted from the book by Lewis Carroll, Chosen Events Wonderland turns the event area (whether a house, town, field, square, garden or even a shopping centre) into ‘Wonderland’ by presenting scenes throughout the course of the event.

The scenes are not staged, interactive, walkabout theatre that passers-by can get involved in, giving them the experience of being on their own adventure in Wonderland.  There is also a high level of physical skill, strong costume and slapstick humour to keep people entertained.  The material is suitable for all ages and is very visual.

Our standard set up involves 5 performers. So that all 5 performers are working at the same time, and the costume changes (which take a minimum of 45 minutes) are most efficient, we arrange the scenes into 3 sets (Acts) of 30-45 minutes as such;

  1. Alice chasing White Rabbit, Caterpillar on his mushroom and EITHER 2 Playing Cards with the rose bush OR Tweedle Dum and Dee
  2. Queen of Heart’s Croquet
  3. Mad Hatter’s Tea Party


    This walk /run -about sketch that often involves a crowd of children being enlisted by Alice to help find the White Rabbit – a big game of hide and seek. This scene can cover as much or as little ground as necessary. It can be used to lead people in a certain direction or can be something that the audience merely catches out of the corner of their eyes, it is a flexible scene and we like to use the space available.
    The Caterpillar (sitting on a shiny, red, mushroom and on hidden stilts) finds a good spot to chat about the meaning of life to all and sundry (including Alice). He is a fantastic and ridiculous sight and has been known to introduce bands on stage and perform other MC duties. He does like the sound of his own voice though so eventually needs to be removed. We do not recommend taking his advice too literally. Occasionally we get him to read the caterpillar chapter from the book and with Alice, this takes the story from page to life. He doesn’t move easily so best positioned close to the exit point.


    2 hopeless Playing Cards realise the rose tree has white flowers instead of red. They know the Queen will not tolerate this. They try to sort it out but get into all sorts of arguments and slapstick chaos ensues.


    These two are infuriating and ridiculous. They play with words, will contradict each other relentlessly and often break into tap dance routines or silly acro (depending on cast).


    This is a big, colourful, noisy scene. The Queen, her entourage and Alice play croquet enlisting members of the audience as both hoops and hedgehogs. The beauty of this scene is the freedom given by improvisation. Most commonly it becomes an invitation for the audience to join in the organised chaos that is Wonderland as The Queen and Alice battle to the last for victory (the Queen always wins of course). This has led the act into all sorts of situations from playing with a real team of croquet players to dancing on stage with a rock band. As long as The Queen receives her well-deserved ‘BOOOO’s we are happy. Characters involved; in the Red corner The Queen, Alice (who?), The White Rabbit as umpire and the 2 Cards as Hoops and marshals.


    This scene is part promenade walkabout and part interactive show. The Tea-Party crew (Mad Hatter, March Hare, Dormouse and walking Table) start several tea parties each one interrupted by the Table who gets bored and runs off. Alice tries her best to get involved, but they are all so silly!  When the Table does sit still it is Tea Time and an opportunity for the audience to join the characters for (imaginary) tea, cake making and jokes.

3 x 45 walkabout sets 
You can book individual characters or wandering scenes 


  • Indoor Parties
  • Outdoor Parties
  • Shopping Centres
  • Themed Events
  • Family Fun Days
  • Festivals
  • and much more…

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What our clients say

Many thanks for your great professional service, the guys on the night were fabulous, engaging and friendly, arrived, set up and ready to go in good time, provided great photos and were a great success!

Link for photos sent through quickly, the changes I requested were made speedily and I would definitely use your services again for any future requirements and recommend you to anyone else.

RKH Specialty

I just wanted to contact you to thank you for the people you sent to us, they were really good and provided the anticipated wow factor to our party.  Your ladies were good fun, great entertainment and happy to get involved in events and help out.  They really got our event off to a good start.  Please send them our thanks and appreciation for providing such marvellous entertainment.


The event went great, thank you very much. Please pass on our thanks to the 3 guys, they were very good and we had many people approach us to say how good they were.

Institute and Faculty of Actuaries

A BIG THANK YOU for last week’s fantastic performance! Everybody really enjoyed the singing. It was a shame the event was running late but your group understood and were amazing!

Homebase Ltd

Your performers were amazing!

The magician was absolutely brilliant everyone was very impressed.

Our managing director was a big fan of the break dancing waiters and he said it was planned very well.

Grain London Ltd

We had a great night with your bingo entertainment. Your host Peter certainly played his part in that.

Sky Sports

Please do pass on our thanks, the feedback was very impressive and the entertainers did an excellent job.  The guests were very happy.

The Economist Group

Just wanted to send you a note to say that Rick was just such a rock star on our stand this week at Black Hat Europe.  He is just such a super chap and totally wonderful to work with.  He just rocks up and gets on with things, we had some issues with our cabling and he sorted that out and then just keeps rolling all day.  He chats away with all the ‘customers’ and is a joy to work with.  All our team at Carbon Black, just love him. 

Carbon Black

The event was a huge success and we have had some great feedback. It was certainly one of the most popular areas of the night!

Chelsea Football Club

It was a great night and we have had fantastic feedback on all the acts that you provided.

The acts went down really, people seem to enjoy them and each one appealed to a different group so a nice mix for all staff.