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Aerial Barmen

Witness the captivating spectacle of our Aerial Champagne Pourers. Suspended gracefully from hoops in mid-air, they pour your chosen beverages with elegance and flair. While traditionally attired in collars, cuffs, and black shorts, our bartenders can be dressed to suit your event's theme. Whether it's champagne or other exquisite drinks, they excel in their craft. They can even pour pre-mixed cocktails or non-alcoholic beverages upon request. Let these remarkable performers add an extraordinary touch to your gathering, leaving your guests in awe.

1 Aerial Bartender - 2 x 15 minutes sets with 15 minutes breaks between sets within 1 hour 
2 Aerial Bartenders - 4 x 15 minutes sets on rotation within 1 hour 

The client supplies lighting and a lighting operator for both indoor shows and rig shows (if dark).

We require a minimum of 3m in height. It works best with 5m so if your rigging point is below 5m please let us know!

The rigging point should be in the form of a hook or beam or trussing that has been rated to at least 300Kg safe working load. It is important to note we require space above the beams to put the sling over. We are not qualified to fit I-beam clamps.

Access to the rigging point will be required both before the performance to rig the equipment and after the performance to de-rig the equipment. Access should be in the form of a long ladder or a scissor lift.

If you are unable to provide access to the rigging point, a professional rigger will be required.

If you are having more than one performer performing at the same time, you will require as many rigging points as performers.

Ideal for outdoor events or large venues with no rigging facilities, we can provide a free-standing rig if required and can be set up on any level surface except gravel. This clever tripod design is self-supporting and there is no need for any ground attachments or staking, meaning the rig can be used both indoors and out.

It can stand at 3 different heights. This works best with the full height, however, is possible at the lowest.

Height 1: 4m height, 4.2m x 4.2m x 4.2m floor space
Height 2: 4.6m height, 4m x 4m x 4m floor space
Height 3: 7.6m height, 6.7m x 6.7m x 6.7m floor space

Though portable, the act cannot move the rig from pitch to pitch. 

In the event of light rain, the act supply a “hat” for the rig which will help to keep them and the equipment dry, enabling them to perform.

In the event of heavy rain, the act can wait for a gap in the rain and perform when they are able. If it doesn’t stop raining heavily, they may be unable to perform.

They may also be unable to set the rig up in the event of high winds.

The rig can also be used at “half height” which can stand as low as 5m



Is it safe? 
Yes, they have been performing for many years without incident. 

How/where do I hang the equipment?
The equipment can be hung from any load-bearing point which has been tested at 400KG or more. This can be in marquees, from beams, lighting rigs or structural points in the ceiling, or from trussing/free-standing rig. The act brings its own rigging. They also own a free-standing rig.

What kind of shows do they do?
They have performed at weddings, birthday parties, product launches, gala dinners, fashion shows, club openings, trade shows, corporate events, festivals and much more!

What music do you perform to?
This act is ambient entertainment and so can be performed to whatever music is playing at the time of the event.

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