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Magical Snow Globe Show

Prepare to be mesmerised by a visual spectacle unlike any other!

Enter the world's largest snow globe, where two phenomenal acrobats perform amid a graceful cascade of glitter. Their stunning display of balance, flexibility, and strength will leave you breathless, as they weave a magical experience within this ethereal setting.

A beautiful and original addition to any event, this acrobatic show has a proven record of enthralling audiences across various sectors and countries. It's more than entertainment; it's a captivating journey that promises to leave a lasting impression on all who witness it.

Don't miss the opportunity to infuse your event with the pure magic of this extraordinary show. Your guests will be talking about it long after the final bow!

Choose Your Theme 
Winter Wonderland or Summer Rose.

We can easily adapt our Snow Globe to suit your theme. The colour of the falling glitter can also be adapted to whatever suits you. Previous themes for different events have included: Underwater, Red, White and Blue of the Union Jack, and All White.

Costumes To Suit The Following Themes. 
Black and White, Carnival, Christmas, Circus, Fantasia, Fairy tale, Glamour, Halloween, Heaven and Hell, Human Statues, Moulin Rouge, Nature, Olympic, Roman, Space, Valentine’s Day, Water, Winter Wonderland.

Show - 6 minutes This is a featured entertainment spot, designed to dazzle and amaze you!

Ambient Sets - 15 minutes These sets are like a meet and greet/photo opportunity. These are not choreographed, ambient sets which help to create an atmosphere as the guests arrive.

Up to 3 sets although we advise 2 for the same audience.

Book both the act and the ambient sets if you’d like to fill more time at your event.

How many times can the acrobats perform at our event?
Usually up to 3 times. This can be a combination of the main stage act and ambient sets if that’s what you’re after.

Do you provide music for the act and ambient sets?
We always bring music for the main stage act on USB. If you would like us to bring music for the ambient sets, please request this.

We have 45 minutes of meet and greet to fill, can the act perform for the entire time?
Due to the physical nature of acrobatics, it is very difficult to fill longer than 15- 20 minutes. We suggest you have a break in the performance before he/she goes out again or book more than 1 performer so that your entire reception time is filled.

Do you perform outdoors?
Yes, they request additional performance space as the act uses 6 guy ropes to secure the globe in outdoor settings.

Do You Perform in The Daytime?
Yes, they do for family-day events. Please note that the lights don’t project as well as in the nighttime, but the glitter still looks very effective.

Do you perform in the rain?
The act is able to perform in light drizzle. Heavier rain is not possible. We are unable to set up in the rain due to the electrics getting wet during the set-up.

Do you need power and how much power does it draw?
Yes, they need power. It draws 3 amps. A 13-amp socket is required close to the stage area.

How long can the snow globe stay up in one sitting?
We recommend no longer than 8 hours.

How much time does it take to strike?
The act has a very quick get-out. If 2 stagehands assist in this process, they can pack down and transport it out of the performance area within 3 minutes. This is dependent however on how far away the exit is!

How much height do you need?
We have 2 snow globes. One is 3m 90, the other is 4m 10. Please request the smaller snow globe if you are restricted with height.

What is the footprint of the snow globe?
The base is 2.7m in diameter but we request slightly more space than this e.g. 4m, especially when the cover is being used.

What lighting show do we provide?
We supply certain lighting inside the globe but advise exterior lighting also. Blues or pinks/ reds work very well. White light is not advisable.

If we choose not to have the cover at our event, is the glitter on continuously when the performers are not in the globe?
No, the glitter only runs when the performers are inside the globe.

What is the cover? How does it work?
The act has a tasteful red curtain/cover that conceals the globe when not in use, before and after shows. It also conceals the performers getting in and out of the globe. We request 2 stagehands to take this off and put it back on after a performance. The act will teach these assistants how to do this in the technical rehearsal.

Can we move the snow globe once it’s inflated?
Yes, but we prefer not to move it too far due to there being a lot of equipment inside the globe. It may only be moved to the same level. It cannot be moved up or down stairs once set up.

How long does it take to set up?
Usually one hour but we request 2 hours to liaise with you the the client, lighting technician, stagehands, rehearse and allow for power to be supplied etc.

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