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Wedding Drinks Reception and Wedding Breakfast Entertainment Ideas

14-August-2022 21:21
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Wedding planning can present a level of stress and a list of frustrations as little details are planned and the final touches are attended to. There is the bouquet, the dress, choosing the venue, seating, the menu, the suit, the transportation and a lot of other details which can contribute to postponing the planning of wedding entertainment.  Though you may have planned your wedding, have you considered the entertainment for the drink reception or the wedding breakfast?

Wedding Drinks Reception

Wedding Magician

Adding entertainment to your drinks reception can help guests to socialise with each other. Typically, guests at a wedding may know one or two of the guests attending, but many are meeting for the first time. Entertainment is a great way to provide a subject in which to talk about, and while there are many different forms of entertainment to choose from, we would like to offer a few suggestions.

Gospel Choir - If you want to incorporate lyrical music into your day it is recommended that you use a Gospel Choir for your drinks reception. A Gospel Choir will sing to welcome your guests to your venue as they have their first drink and will continue to entertain guests while the photographs are being taken.

Caricaturist - A caricaturist is an artist who can capture the guest's likeness in a cartoon fashion. This form of entertainment will provide a physical memory for your guests as well as a topic for discussion as the drinks are being served.

Close Up Magician - A magician is a form of entertainment that guests are familiar with and most love. For a wedding entertainer, they make for great entertainment. During the drinks reception, the magician will provide magical feats either through one-on-one guest interactions or from a central location in the room. The illusions performed by the magician will provide a conversation piece, especially if the tricks are performed on them.

Celebrity Lookalikes - Though it may seem a little unusual to use a lookalike at a wedding, the entertainment value that is added from implementing one is high. One of the most popular choices for weddings is the fun and hilarious Lookalike Del Boy from the TV show classic Only Fools and Horses. Having this Lookalike at the drinks reception will surely add some conversation as he will interact with all the guests by telling jokes, selling dodgy gear (Del Boy Style!) and entertain by ad-libbing with witticisms that will create laughter. Combine the lookalikes with photography and you are sure to have some physical memories which will be talked about for years.

Aerial Champagne Waitresses – Imagine being able to entertain your guests while at the same time being able to provide drinks to your guest in a unique fashion. Such can be accomplished with an Aerial Champagne Waitress. Freestanding rigging allows for the aerial act to be performed safely. By using ribbons, flowers, and other artistic enhancements to cover the suspension wires, the act is quickly transformed into a show of elegance. Of course, they would not be aerial champagne waitresses if they did not serve drinks which they do with the utmost skill leaving your guest a focal point for discussions.

Wedding Breakfast

Singing Waiters For Hire

The wedding meal is, generally, the first meal that a husband and wife will share together. As you share this experience with your guests, it is important not only to provide them with great food but also with great entertainment. Guests will be carrying on conversations as they enjoy their breakfast, so providing music such as a Harpist or a String Quartet is a great way to set the tone of the room. You do not want to go with any music which is too upbeat as that should be saved for the evening’s reception.

To add an element of entertainment and to encourage conversation among your guests, consider adding some additional entertainment to the wedding breakfast such as:

Magical Snow Globe Show – adding a spectacular combination of acrobatics and lighting the performance (from a central location in the room) will dazzle the guests. Glitter falls with a fairytale snow appearance throughout the performance to give the 2 acrobats the illusion of being in a live snow globe.

Surprise Singers – Whether you are using a surprise guest, popstar (singing waiters),  singing police officers, or even singing chefs, spontaneity adds a great deal of entertainment to any event. For best results use surprise singers which are disguised as waiters or guests to perform at or during the wedding breakfast. A guest is sure to be entertained if their table guest suddenly gets up and starts singing to them.

Magicians – To help break the conversation barrier which may be present with guests who sit amongst new acquaintances, a magician can be used to get the whole table talking. By hiring a magician to go from table to table not only will those at the performing table be entertained, but so will other guests as they discuss what the magician will do at their table.

Silhouette Artist – If you want to leave your guest with physical memory and something unique to talk about during the wedding breakfast, consider using a silhouette artist. The cutter artist will use only a pair of scissors and black paper to create a likeness of the guest. Typically, the head and shoulder can be cut in about a minute, so every guest can get one. The conversation is sure to be amplified as guests comment and share over their silhouettes as well as watch the skill of this artist.

Comedy Waiters - Comedy Waiters at a wedding breakfast are sure to bring the entertainment that you need to keep guests happy. Like a hidden camera show without cameras, guests will be wondering “who is this guy?” Comedians will work with the real waiters and guests are sure to be entertained throughout the breakfast from their “improvements” to service.

Entertainment is a vital part of your ceremony. Not only should there be considerations for the evening reception, but guests should be comfortable throughout the entire ceremony including the wedding drinks reception and the wedding breakfast. While there are other forms of entertainment (such as a pianist or a child entertainer), these are the selections which we believe will bring the most conversation, memories, and uniqueness to your day.

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