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10 Top Entertainment Ideas To Make Your Christmas Party Unforgettable!

06-April-2018 15:13
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Even though summer is in full swing, Christmas is never too far away and in fact, it's heading close to five months until the big day which means that now is the time to begin thinking about the Christmas party and how to make it better than ever before. Chosen Events know exactly how to organise a first class event and we understand what it takes to make a memorable party.

If you are in charge of organising the Christmas Party, then now is the time to begin booking your entertainment to avoid disappointment simply because entertainment is often booked months in advance.

You may have a theme in mind or you may have been told that it has to follow a theme, but do not worry because Chosen Events will have something that will meet your requirements whilst also catering to the needs of those who will be attending – we can promise that your Christmas Party will be one that will be remembered forever!

We appreciate that it can be difficult to choose the right entertainment but this is exactly why we ensure that we have lots to offer so that you can find exactly what you want. You may want to follow orders and book what everyone wants or you could go ahead and book something that is completely different, either way, we want to make it easy for you. 

So where do you start?

We have put together a list of entertainment acts that we believe can turn your Christmas party into something spectacular.

The Magical Snow Globe is a show that is full of visuals and excitement - a truly unforgettable experience.

Giant Snow Globe Acrobats  

The entertainment involves two acrobats and it takes place in a stunning snow globe where they carry out an amazing balancing routine whilst they are showered in glitter. This act is enchanting and breathtaking and we can guarantee the whole thing will leave your guests amazed. The perfect show, set in a winter wonderland theme it is clear to see why it is so popular.

Your event can be taken to the next level with the Giant Snow Globe Photo Booth

Giant Snow Globe Photo Booth

This is the perfect way for your guests to really remember a magnificent event by having their photo taken so that they have something to take home with them. Professional photographers will be snapping away while your guests are in the snow globe and with free unlimited prints, print customisation and a props box, there is lots of fun to be had. The snow globe photo booth comes in a number of sizes but this is the perfect addition. Immediate prints, ready to take away- your guests are guaranteed to remember every moment of your Christmas Party! 

If you want your event to offer something different then the Green Screen Photography is certainly unique.  It may be Christmas but your guests will be able to choose from many backgrounds making their Christmas Party experience one that is full of excitement and fun.

 Green Screen Photo Wall

It has never been so much fun having your photo taken, but grabbing a friend and choosing a whacky backdrop or film scene will have your guests coming back for more. The whole thing from start to finish takes 30 seconds with your guests being able to take immediate prints, ready to take away.

Everyone loves magic and this is why Mix and Mingle Magicians are the complete entertainment package.

Mix and mingle Magicians

Magic and Christmas go hand in hand and this is why Chosen Events offer this amazing experience. We can guarantee that your guests will be left in amazement with the tricks they offer and we can promise that their show will be the main talking point. They can tailor their show to the size of the audience and the size of the room; they are true professionals that take magic to the next frontier!

For something completely different the Dwarfs Elves is a great way to give your event a different twist.

Little People/ Dwarfs Elves

Whether you opt to have your Dwarf entertainer be a doorman, dress as an Oompa Loompa or seeing as it is Christmas, dress as an elf we can promise that your guests will love every minute. They have excellent personalities and are all about fun, fun and more fun! To add to an already exciting show they can also offer dancing and fire breathing as part of their act.

Christmas isn’t Christmas without carols which is why Christmas Carollers give your Christmas party the ultimate festive atmosphere.

Christmas Carollers

Get the party going and the festive joy erupting with A cappella carol singers who really know how to get people into the Christmas spirit. They encourage the perfect atmosphere that can get your guests enjoying themselves long into the night as they roam around the room singing everyone’s favourite carols.

Everyone loves live music and our Christmas Party Band will really get the party started! They know how to get people up on their feet and singing along to all those favourite Christmas hits.

Christmas Party Band

Your guests will be tearing up the dancefloor to their favourite songs whilst busting some moves and having an amazing time. Our Christmas Party Band will give your event the energy it needs to be classed as the best Christmas Party yet. They have experience of singing all over the world so you will be guaranteed a top class performance.

A Christmas party is all about getting dressed up and feeling good and whilst you may feel like a star why not get treated like one with Paparazzi Photographers

Paparazzi Photographers

They can help to create an atmosphere before the party by creating a buzz of excitement as your guests get papped with smiles that stretch from ear to ear. The photographers know how to get your attention with their cheeky wit and humour and they even look the part with their trilby hats and press tags. Your guests will be sure to remember their Christmas party thanks to the quality photos that can be purchased online after the event.

Every Christmas Event needs something different and what can be more different than a Human Living Table?

Human Living Table

This is the perfect centrepiece and is sure to grab the attention of everyone who is at the event. They come in a number of different characters but more importantly, they entertain and create a real hype around the place. They can meet and greet your guests on arrival and create a stir, this is something that is completely unique but oddly mesmerising!

Santa has a bit of a reputation as being someone who is always good but don’t be fooled! Bad Boy Santas are a superb alternative whilst being extremely funny at the same time.

Bad Boy Santas

They are all about entertaining and will get your guests partying with their breakdancing on their own mobile dance floor. This act is all about putting a twist on Christmas as it throws tradition out of the window! Excellent music and moves that will make your jaw drop, Santa is not always what you may think he is!


Line Dancers (Supreme)
1 Star
It was the first time that the Club has used a similar service and the dancers were excellent and also able to flex their approach to meet our needs (as the stage space was limited and headset mics in short supply). We captured some fantastic photos that show just how much our employees enjoyed the event and all the dancers were friendly and helpful. It helped us to get into the party spirit and also set the Western theme/tone really well
Newcastle United Football Club
Badge Caricaturist
1 Star
They were amazing and the crew had a fantastic time! Please thank them again for me!
WTTV Productions Ltd
Mirror Dancers
1 Star
Your Mirror Dancers were Excellent, so very charming and accommodating and I wouldn’t hesitate to book them again especially if they were the very same two, they are a credit to you and your company.
Milsom Hotels & Restaurants
Mind Reading Show
1 Star
Mark was great! He was extremely professional and truly entertained all of our guests. Would definitely recommend him for similar award evening events such as ours. Also I wanted to thank you Leslie for answering my many queries, providing us with lots of options, and ultimately helping us book Mark.
Carlisle Support Services
Roaming Bubble Performers
1 Star
Firstly, just wanted to say a massive thanks to you and your fabulous artists for all the help last season, all events were incredibly well received by the fans (as always!).
West Ham United Football Club
Silhouette Artist
1 Star
Magicians, Caricaturist and Silhouette performers were great! Definitely 5*! Thank you very much Leslie.
Rabobank International Bank
Football Simulator
1 Star
The event was a huge success and we have had some great feedback. It was certainly one of the most popular areas of the night!
Chelsea Football Club
Close up Magician, Mind Reader & Pickpocket
1 Star
Your team of magicians, pickpocket and mind reader went down so well last year we would love to book them again please – the pickpocket was hilarious!
UKLA – United Kingdom Lubricants Association
Snow Globe Photo Booth
1 Star
I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and the guys that came last week. They were lovely and very helpful and accommodating. I hope it wasn't too hectic for them.
The Economist Group
360 Booth
1 Star
Thank you so much for being part of our event – George was great! We love the videos – I have shared them with the team!