Flash Mob Dancers

Flashmobs are a fairly recent innovation, and are guaranteed to bring excitement and an element of surprise to any occasion. Basically, a flashmob can operate anywhere that there is the space to move around safely, and can comprise as few as 10 people, usually dancers who spontaneously appear, perform, and then leave a quickly as they came.

Flashmobs can work to any theme, popular themes are Street Dance, Ballet, Irish or Samba (there are many more), and can appear anywhere to complement any occasion or event.


What are Flashmobs?
Surprise is the key to a successful Flashmob – it is a group of people who assemble in a normal environment and perform an unusual or themed performance.

Where can they perform?
Flashmobs can perform anywhere that there is sufficient space. They are particularly well suited to shopping centres, racecourses, train stations and general public areas. They can be set up for private events, exhibitions, festivals – the list is practically endless.

What are they for?
Flashmobs are a great way to create awareness of products or brands, to create media interest, for social media stunts or viral campaigns or simply for sheer entertainment value. They are guaranteed to create a massive impact and media interest, and perfect for events, PR stunts and promotions.