Caricaturist / Cartoonist (Wedding)

If you’re thinking about hiring a caricaturist but not sure if one would be worth it... think again! A caricaturist is an ideal way for breaking the ice at your wedding.

Our caricature artists will make your wedding a blast!  In just mere moments, our artists will sketch hilarious cartoon pictures of you and your guests.  Kids are enthralled, adults are entertained, and everyone leaves with a cherished memento of your day.

On average a caricaturist is able to complete 10 - 15 caricatures per hour, usually to lots of laughter from the victim’s friends. However, this does depend on whether the caricaturist is using colour, drawing one person or a couple at the same time and if a background is required.

While the bride and groom are having their photos done the rest of the guests often mill around and this can be awkward for many of them as there will be numerous people that they don't know. A wedding caricaturist is a great ice breaker and gives people something to laugh and talk about. The caricaturist will walk around mingling with your guests, drawing them as he/she goes. Every wedding caricature is free to each of your guests as you pay a one off hire fee which includes all the caricatures he/she draws at your event.

The wedding caricaturist will move around the room table by table drawing as they go. Some people don't like being drawn while they are eating, so they will draw people on tables between courses or those who have finished eating. This can come in very handy if there have been any delays with the food as it keeps your guests occupied while they are waiting. Don't underestimate the effect a wedding caricaturist can have on the atmosphere at your wedding. You will always here plenty of laughter in the vicinity of a caricaturist in action, which means your family and friends are enjoying themselves. What's more, the wedding caricature makes the perfect wedding favour, which they can take home and frame.

Don't forget, with prior arrangement with the caricaturist, you can have your names and the date of your wedding, pre-printed onto the paper before the event.

If you are booking a caricaturist for the evening, then it is best to utilise their services in the earlier part of the evening. This part of the evening is when you will get the most benefit. At this point the DJ has not got people up and dancing yet, evening guests are starting to arrive and most people are sitting around in groups, not really knowing what to do with themselves. Again, the fun aspect of the caricaturist’s art has an amazing effect on the atmosphere and you will see crowds start to gather around the caricaturist as they watch in amazement, the caricature of their friend or family member take shape before their eyes.


  • Think about the timing ratio against the number of guests
  • A caricaturist will typically manage between 10 - 15 caricatures per hour; so, take into account the number of guests at your event and the length of time you wish to book the caricaturist for.
  • Make sure there is enough light and space for a caricaturist to work.
  • Adequate light and space are the main requirements for a caricaturist to operate successfully, so make sure a well-lit area is provided. Furthermore, if you want the caricaturist seated then make sure there is an area of appropriate size so as to fit the artist, easel, victim and onlookers.


Q: How long does each drawing take?
A: Each performance caricature takes 4-5 minutes; any quicker might diminish the quality.

Q: How many can the caricaturist draw in 2 hours?
A: On average 12-15 per hour, but we never guarantee a number, as working conditions are out of our control.

Q: Are the drawings free or do you charge per person?
A: All the drawings are presented free of charge in a plastic sleeve, envelope or are rolled up. You simply pay for the time.

2 or 3 hours