Trade Show & Exhibition Magician

One of the smartest ways to attract visitors in a trade show and convert them from prospects to sales and, consequently, loyal followers, is to have a magician on your stand! Trade Show Magicians perform a bespoke presentation that can successfully communicate your brand's messages and goals in the most fun, interactive, and engaging way. Ideal when product recognition and identification is the need!

What do you want when participating in a trade show or exhibition? Make the difference. Stand out from your competitors. Let the world know of your amazing product or service. Boost your sales. Inform. The list of objectives could be long, but bottom line, you want recognition and an unbeatable way people will remember you by. Then, the road is open for more aggressive marketing; marketing that will increase your revenue and help you create a database of loyal clients, who will refer you to others. Trade Show Magicians can achieve exactly that for you. It really is amazing how much you can accomplish with just a few inches of space on the edge of your stand!

In a nutshell, withTrade Show Magicians you can:

  • Attract three times more people to your stand.
  • Keep your prospects warm when your sales team is busy, minimising the number of lost leads.
  • Create brand awareness and promote your corporate image.
  • Entertain your existing clients.
  • Engage and Inform prospects in a fun way that doesn't feel like a struggle to promote your company and make a sale.
  • Boost your sales (guaranteed)
  • Incorporate marketing material & highlight services and products.

Now, this is where your sales team comes in with whatever you have planned on your stand, be it a demonstration, discussion, presentation of your product or service.

What better way to encourage people to visit your stand, stay and listen and then do business with you!

Trade Show Day with a 1 hour break