Mix & Mingle Mind Readers

This style of 'psychic magic' were brought back to the public eye in the Geller era and more recently in the UK with Derren Brown.

Unlike other entertainers in the field of mind reading, the mind reader does not claim to be psychic; presenting his astounding feats solely as amazing, unique and mystifying entertainment.

Our Mind Reading act is a great ice breaker that will get your guests talking. They can either mix or mingle with guests or perform on stage which will combine the art of magic along with the physiological mind reading to create a sense of fun at any event.

People’s reactions vary from huge laughter through to complete amazement. Mind Readers use a variety of techniques including using group psychology and suggestion within an audience. Taking these techniques to another level, the approach is so subtle it is virtually undetectable.

Chosen Magician Mind Readers for events are just perfect for any occasion, and will make sure your event finishes on a high.

2 hours (Mix & Mingle)