Green Screen Photo Wall

If you are bored with Photo Booths then this is perfect for any corporate event, private party, exhibition, launch night, shopping centre product launch, children’s events etc. We offer an exciting chance to get photos of you and your guests printed out during your event with any backdrop. We can also set up a scene/set surrounding the green screen wall for an even better experience.

Our team use a green screen wall, which allows their special software to completely replace the background in the photo and superimpose your image into a film scene, sporting scene, beach scene, Christmas scene, magical land etc - anything you want!

Green screen photography is just another term to describe a green or blue background used in films and photography as a backdrop.

They don't need a perfectly smooth green or blue background, nor do they need perfect shadow free lighting to achieve perfect green screen pictures. Also, they do not need to position people far away from the chromakey background to avoid spill from the backdrop in hair and areas of fine details. The image is sent wirelessly from our pro-Nikon gear straight to the very fast green screen system, so there’s no boring delay. Guests can instantly choose from a variety of backdrops designed especially for your event. The special software we use pops them into the scene, and unique effects such as shadows, smoke, lighting and colourisation are applied. Special layers are already in place with branding, overlays and text. Our software matches the photograph to the scene, so if it’s an antique sepia effect, or we want to match the lighting of the scene, it’s all preset.

The team often work in small areas of very high traffic shooting photographs, such as exhibition stands or supermarkets. They also work in nightclubs and at events where space is at a premium. 

We print or upload instantly using our fast broadband and the latest professional photo labs. Real laminated photographs are printed within seconds at a variety of sizes, from tiny keyring sizes up to huge 9″ x 6″ photographs.

We frame them and put them in clear bags for the guests to take away on the spot. Everything is optimised to avoid delays, we can pose, shoot, green screen, print and frame in 30 seconds! We will willingly challenge anyone that can beat these guys on speed and quality. 

It’s their expertise and flexibility that keeps them busy, and the team are presentable, professional and used to dealing with people.

Our professional photographer and green screen operator who prints and frames. This includes all the high-end equipment including the studio-quality portable green screen and floor, wireless cable free studio lighting, professional wireless Nikon D4 camera system, Alienware laptop and the wireless network.

We INCLUDE the first 200 large 7" x 5" or "6 x 6" (Polaroid) photographs and your unique scenes FREE!

We have a large collection of props including a replica World Cup, light sabres, Olympic torch, real guitars, hats, glasses etc.

Our team will need a small table and chair to set the laptop and printer on and two plug sockets – one for the printer and one for the laptop.

Our standard screen is 2.4mH x 2.4mW with 1m deep floor.


  • Extra photos
  • We can link iPads into the system to let you and your guests add the high res digital copies and share on social media like to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email (all branded!)
  • Extra hours
  • Framing of Photos

M & M World
England Football Team
Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Universal Pictures Despicable Me 1 & 2
Coca Cola
Tour De France

3 hours (longer periods available subject to cost) 


  • Corporate Events
  • Weddings
  • Festivals
  • Private Parties
  • Christmas Parties
  • Sporting Events
  • Team Building Events
  • Theme Parties
  • Bar and Bat Mitzvahs
  • Exhibition and Trade Shows
  • and many more…