The Silhouettes Show (Progress)

The perfect silhouette show for all audiences!

If you thought you’d seen it all, take a look at this! 

Progress is an exciting show based around discovery and achievements!  The show begins with the main character being swallowed into a book. In this new world, we travel back in time and watch previous achievements, inventions and discoveries throughout our history. Stunning images are created with the performers’ bodies such as a horse and cart; An Egyptian sphinx; Newton discovering gravity; A steam train; A large windmill;  A car; Plane; Space travel and of course a rocket so our main character can walk on the moon!

We then reach the digital age with an interactive ‘Minority Report’ screen that references Wi-Fi, tablets, phones, cameras & gadgets. The tempo of the show speeds up towards the finale as the acrobats perform gymnastic tumbles, group pyramids and high lifts. The bodies create the word INSPIRE before completely disappearing. The book re-appears and the main character makes their way out of it and back into reality. She watches as a ball of light also makes it's way out of the book and then lands in her hands. The final image is of the performer dancing with the ball of light above before the screen fades to black.  

The show is about our past achievements, our growth and looking optimistically forward to our future. Together, what can we achieve next? It just takes one idea..

Set to an uplifting soundtrack, your guests will absolutely love the show and leave feeling exhilarated! Our audience reaction speaks for itself!

The show's content can be applied to many themes, events and industries including Communications; Travel; Working Together; Getting connected; Automobile; Aviation; Innovation; Design; Engineering and very suitable for product launches amongst many others.

11 minute show with bows. 

We can provide an edited version of the show to suit your vision or a Bespoke Show to suit your own theme/storyline

1 x 20/30 second scene towards the finale of the show adapted to reference and showcase the client's vision/theme/product. This can be presented either in the 20 second ‘Minority Report’ section of the show where a main character manipulates, zooms and scans across different images on a large screen. Or we can make a new section according to the client’s vision. Company logo can feature as the final image. 

Your MD/compere is also welcome to play a small part in the show towards the end. 

We provide the screen, projector, black drapes to conceal the stage area and temporary flooring to go over the stage.

We don't provide the stage, sound system or the sound technician.