Fortune Tellers, Psychics, Clairvoyants

Our friendly skilled Fortune Tellers will mystify your guests with their intense connection to the beyond. All readings are upbeat and done in a manner to boost morale. Our psychics will use their skills and knowledge that have been passed down through generations to ensure that the reading tradition continues. You can guarantee that all of those who have visited our Fortune Tellers will be completely enthralled by what they are told. The readings will not only captivate each and every one of your guests, but the predictions will be the conversation matter for hours after the reading has finished.

The Psychic Entertainer approaches individuals and groups, standing or at tables and entertains using various incredible and entertaining abilities that will delight guests. It is always the ladies favourite form of entertainment for any occasion and really gets them talking. Everyone loves to know more about themselves and queues of intrigued and hopeful guests appear very quickly!

Psychic reading is a great element for a variety of events such as:

Corporate Events - At your drinks reception or during/ after a meal.
Private Parties - At your drinks reception or during/ after a meal.
Weddings - Strolling around at the drinks reception or during/after the wedding breakfast.
Product Launch - Generating additional interest for customers.
Trade Shows & Exhibitions - Attracting visitors to your stand.

Other popular events include: Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Hen Parties, Business Launch, Themed Events, Family Fun Days, Nightclub Events, Pamper Parties, Film Premiers, TV and Radio



Tarot Card Reader
Tarot cards have been used for many years to give insights into someone’s spiritual journey, and can answer questions such as ‘where am I going?’, and ‘what does my future hold?’.

The tarot reading works by having clients turn over cards that they’ve selected, but they do so in a particular sequence. This allows the tarot reader to be able to create a prediction, or an answer to a question, depending entirely on which cards fate chooses to will into existence. Sometimes people go to the tarot reader with a specific issue they need answering, and sometimes they decide to go in without question and see what happens. In any case, Chosen Events can provide you with an experienced tarot practitioner who can answer all of your questions using the cards or can instead provide you with a tidbit of information.

Palm Reader
Palm reading started in India, but has travelled far and wide, and reached the UK as another way of answering questions besides things like crystal ball reading or tarot cards. Palm reading works by looking at the palm of someone and reading all of the lines and wrinkles and shapes that are seen, and this is turn creates answers to the question which has been asked.

Crystal Ball Reader
Crystal ball reading is another way of answering questions and making predictions. It involves the reader going into a state of trance like concentration, where they can use their psychic ability to see images inside the ball. These can often take the shape of events which will come to pass, and these are images that come deep from the subconscious mind. Crystal ball gazing can be used for a lot of different events, such as predicting future events, getting an image of someone’s character, and even answering questions that you may have.

Gem Stone Reader
Gemstones have been used by psychics for centuries alongside crystals. They are distinct types of stones which are mined from the Earth that have a particular physical structure. They also have a particular energy channel attached to them. The reading works by asking the person to select a gem from a collection. The stones that are chosen, along with their proximity to each other, will allow the reader to generate answers to the questions which are asked. The gems will resonate with the person, identifying places that they need to look at within their own lives to improve and grow.

Aura Reader
Aura. It is something which every living thing has. It’s been described as an energy field, which can only be seen by people with psychic abilities and is often coloured. Your aura provides an insight into you and what’s going on with you at the time. The thing about your aura is that it can change its colour based on your mood, your emotional state and also your health. This means that those with the ability to read your aura can deduce all kinds of things about your current situation based on the colour of your aura at that moment. It is called an imprint of the soul by some and can show where the imbalances are within your body.

Each colour represents a different aspect of the self, they all have different vibrational frequencies, which links them to the various chakras within the human body. They are indicators of how you are doing on an emotional or spiritual level.

We at Chosen Events can provide you with an aura reader for your event. The reader is very experienced when it comes to these kinds of things and can read your aura, interpret it, and then be able to give information to you about your aura, and also any advice on how to change it if you need to.

Face Reader
Face reading is a very straightforward process that involves looking at the face of someone and identifying characteristics and attributes from them. Things like intelligence, honesty and integrity are all looked for in a face, and a lot can be learnt about someone by a gifted face reader.

Flower Reader
Did you know that flowers tell a story? People have often used flowers to express emotions and ideas, whether this is informing someone that you’re thinking of them while they’re in a difficult time, or whether you are thanking someone for their present or their time. However, people used to take it one step further during Victorian times and read the flowers as a pastime, usually during afternoon tea.

The premise for this is that every flower has its own unique meaning, and when certain colours of flowers are chosen in a certain order, a different story is told every time. For example, the rose is associated with love, emotions, and passion. The colour red is also connected with passion and an intense rush of emotions, whereas pink or yellow roses mean that you care deeply about someone and you’re very affectionate towards them. In much the same way, lilies can represent moving forwards and come to terms with things, in the same way, that sunflowers represent the sun and bluebells are a sign of adventure.

Here at Chosen Events, we’ve looked at this idea and then developed a flower reading practice for you. It works by presenting the person who wants to participate with a large bunch of all kinds of different flowers. Then you pick from these flowers, selecting those who call out to you and resonate with you, thus creating the story. Once you’ve done that, our experienced flower reader can tell you the story behind your choice of flowers. They can tell you about your path, as well as your future, and can be an enjoyable and revealing activity to take part in.

Phrenology is something which is very old and is a practice that dates back to ancient times. It is built around analysing the relationship which exists between the structure of someone’s skull, and their character. It was a very modern practice in the Victorian era, and was thought of at the time to be a ‘new science’. It’s seen a reemergence in popularity during the 20th century as being a tool to be used in criminal anthropology and even evolutionism.

It works by having an experienced reader place their hands on the skull of the person who wishes to be read and feeling for any bumps, creases or protrusions in the skull. These are then used to create a picture of the individual, giving insight into their personality, as well as their strengths and weaknesses as a person. It’s a service that Chosen Events can provide for you if it’s something you’re interested in, so please do not hesitate to enquire about it.

2 or 3 hours (longer periods subject to cost)

Psychic readings are solely for entertainment purposes.