Origami Artist

Origami is the art of paper folding, Ori meaning fold, and Gami meaning paper. It was brought over to Japan from China in the early seventh century and was used for only formal or practical purposes by wealthy people as paper was an expensive resource.

Rather than simple folds, paper also started taking forms such as of boats, flowers, animals, and birds including the crane which is now the global symbol of peace. Delegates can have fun learning how to make these with full guidance and instructions and then take them home to enjoy.

Giant Origami is a new fun way of folding paper! Your guests can watch our artist create paper magic whilst they fold giant pieces of paper into shapes right in front of your eyes! This needs to be pre-folded prior to the event and will take approximately 1 hour to complete in front of an audience. Afterwards, the artist is available to entertain guests with close-up origami!

There is no better way to make a table look special than with imaginatively folded napkins. Whether you are throwing an elegant dinner party, entertaining friends, or preparing dinner for a special client, displaying folded napkins will allow you to enhance the appearance of your meal and transform your table into a showpiece.

2 or 3 hours

PAPER CAPERS  (Paper folding show for children of all ages)
Unfold the secrets of the wonderful world of paper-folding. Nimble fingers get ready as our performers show how, with just a few simple folds, anyone can transform an ordinary rectangle or square of paper into terrific items which are practical, fun to use, flutter through the air, magically tip over or even go bang! Be amazed by the ever ending shapes created from a pleated piece of paper known as troublewit.

Discover the story of the Captain’s paper hat, anchor and ship’s wheel. Learn the secrets of walking through a newspaper and those of the magical paper rings.

Our entertainers do not patronise or talk down to their audience and, because of this, Paper Capers is a totally engaging and fun experience.  

All that is required is an area to fold a piece of paper upon. No glue, scissors, gummed tape or any other items of equipment are needed, therefore the show is an extremely clean, fun and safe activity with lots of audience participation and stacks of paper-folding enjoyment for all concerned.

1 hour