Wedding Entertainment

At Chosen Events, we are aware that some people prefer a small ceremony, while others choose to hold large religious ceremonies. With years of experience, we have worked with just about every type of wedding you can imagine, which means it does not matter what you are planning we can help you with every aspect.

Wedding planning can present a level of stress and a list of frustrations as little details are planned and the final touches are attended to. There is the bouquet, the dress, choosing the venue, seating, the menu, the suit, the transportation and a great deal of other details which can contribute to postponing the planning of wedding entertainment.  Though you may have planned your wedding, have you considered the entertainment?

Most weddings are split into four sections; the ceremony, drinks reception, wedding breakfast and evening reception. There are different types of entertainment available for each of these sections of the day. 

The wedding ceremony is very personal, and we are happy to provide you with any type of wedding entertainment that you desire during the ceremony. Most people choose to hire a professional wedding musician to play in the ceremony at certain points or choose something more engaging such as a gospel choir.

It is during the afternoon reception where your guests are arriving or are moving on after the ceremony to a reception area that your wedding entertainment can really come to life. There are some great wedding entertainment options available for this time. Consider professional wedding musicians like a harpist, pianist or a string quartet to fill the waiting area with smooth music. Toastmasters, circus performers, magicians, and caricaturists are also a great option for some light entertainment for your guests at this time.

Typically, background music is the entertainment of choice for the wedding breakfast. A pianist can be playing light music in the background, or perhaps you might prefer singing waiters! Another option is to have close up magicians performing around the tables providing wedding entertainment.

The wedding meal is, generally, the first meal that a husband and wife will share together. As you share this experience with your guests, it is important not only to provide them with great food, but also with great entertainment. Guests will be carrying on conversations as they enjoy their breakfast, so providing music such as a harpist or a string quartet is a great way to set the tone of the room.

Another option is to have close up magicians, caricaturist, or silhouette cutter performing around the tables providing wedding entertainment.

To add an element of entertainment and to encourage conversation among your guests, consider adding some additional entertainment to the wedding breakfast such as comedy waiters, surprise singing waiters or a comedy lookalike!

Of course, the evening reception is often considered the time when the main wedding entertainment starts. This is when the stress of the day is over, and everyone involved can simply relax.

When planning your evening reception it is important to keep your guests in mind. While most of the time a live band or DJ will suffice, at Chosen Events, we have gone the extra mile to find some of the most interesting options. Why not consider a fire performer to enchant your wedding guests or a professional lookalike who can pose for pictures.

For the guests who enjoy milling around off the dance floor, why not consider hiring casino games. This is something very different, and fun. Another much more popular, but equally fun option for guests is a photo booth, which offers both entertainment and a great way to remember the night.

At Chosen Events, we have taken the time to ensure that our service is professional, cost-effective and most importantly comprehensive. We can provide you with a long list of wedding entertainment ideas regardless of your plans. Let our professional team work alongside you to create a wedding to remember.