LED Drummers (Glowbeats)

Our professional drummers, covered from head to toe in lights, weave beats and rhythms to create a stunning and dynamic glow show. To add extra impact their drums are equipped with the very latest in beat-sensitive technology that allows the performers to flash and sparkle perfectly in time with the music, and even to disappear and reappear with a single drum beat!

This performance is available as a walkabout, where they can snake through a crowd or lead a parade, or as a stunning stage show. For the ultimate experience, they can even offer both.

Number of Performers: 3 or 5 Performers plus one tech person

10 minute choreographed show or up to 3 x 30 minutes walkabout performances 

"Just to say a huge thank you for your work on Friday. We have had lots of great feedback about the LED Drumming, it was a spirited and eye-catching addition that topped off the procession beautifully!"