Magician Magic Singh

Magic Singh, epitomises wondrous magical entertainment for all. Truly a mystifying magician, with a unique modern style of magic known as ‘close-up’ as well as Stage magic shows.

Highly respected in his field of magic. Performing at close range, Magic Singh captivates and amazes his audience. You’ll be left wondering in astonishment, just how did he do that, right before my very eyes?!

Mind blowing effects include floating objects in the air, the appearing cake illusion, biting through coins using his teeth, a chosen playing card discovered in an orange fruit within the audience, spectators’ watches appearing on Magic Singh’s arm and having soft snow materialise out of thin air!

Encounter Magic Singh’s amazing talent, professionalism, and elegance for a truly mystical magical experience.

2 hours (Mix & Mingle)
15 Minutes (Cabaret Show)