The Instinctive Poet

The Instinctive Poet is an amazing talent who has been enjoyed by Nelson Mandela, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Bjorn Borg and much more.

His show is unique where he takes suggestions from the audience - any words, ideas or concepts they may wish. He then instantly recites for them a rhyming, enjoyable and understandable poem that links all that they said. The poems can be funny or serious, depending on the mood and wishes of the audience. It is a remarkable experience you will remember and talk about forever!

The show is enjoyed by young and old. Even people who think they “don’t like poems” are amazed and entertained by his skill and wit. He really must be seen to be believed.

We offer 3 main types of performances:

2 or 3 hours 'close-up' spontaneous poetry for small groups of guests, around a reception and/or dinner tables.  

To whole audience at once.  This can be of any length, recommended 25-30 minutes.  The performance can be tailored to include topics and messages favoured by you the client and/or to create spontaneous poems about particular guests present.

Many Gala Dinner type events like this option!  This is a "mix and mingle" performance around the guests, followed by a short (5-10 minutes) "cabaret" to the whole room.  This short cabaret brings everyone together, can highlight the meaning of the evening, and gives an upbeat, bright finale to it all!  

The Instinctive Poet offers his own unique style of POETRY WORKSHOPS.

They are entertaining, stimulating and an experience to remember forever. The poems created can be fun or serious, depending on the audience and setting.

These workshops can be a "party game" for the crowd who want something different, an ice-breaker/break-out session during an away-day or an excellent addition to an arts or music festival.

Everyone can be taught by The Instinctive Poet to write a poem! They will be inspired to create in the most relaxed and entertaining way. The workshops motivate people, building confidence and strength within each individual or team.

So whether it is "just for fun" or to get people thinking in new ways, creating and being more imaginative... this poetry workshops cannot be beaten!