Musician in a Globe (Electric Cello, Electric Violin, Harp, Saxophone)

Musician in a Globe is the original and pre-eminent staging piece of its type, comprising of a seamless glasslike Globe top, a transparent stage floor with LED up-lighters which bathe the artist in light, and an illuminated base which appears to hover above the floor.

Our handpicked musicians are the very best in their respective genres and display exceptional skill, versatility and stage presence.


  • Harpist in a Globe
  • Violinist in a Globe
  • Saxophonist in a Globe
  • Cellist in a Globe


  • The Bubble is 3.1 metres high and can only be used in venues with adequate ceiling height (3.4 metres and higher).
  • Roll-in / barrier-free access is required for set up, otherwise an extra cost will be incurred to hire additional crew
  • The flight cases can fit through normal doors. Flight case sizes are: Height 165cm, Width 75cm, Length 152cm)
  • The performance area needs to be protected from direct sunlight, wind and/or rain.
  • The Globe can be used indoors or a guaranteed wind-free space outdoors.
  • The artist must be pre-set (ie: be in The Globe as the guests arrive).
  • Please contact us for suggestions regarding screening off if a 'reveal moment' is required.
  • The artist can perform for 45 minutes (max 60 minutes) in The Globe. The set cannot be split.
  • We recommend that The Globe is set up in the centre of a room in order to maximize the visual impact.
  • Please include a stage of 2 metres square for uneven or grassy surfaces. We suggest using staging also for large events with over 300 guests.
  • The Globe looks best in a dark space due to its built-in lighting. Additional lighting is not required.
  • The Globe is removed immediately after the performance.
  • Should the client prefer The Globe to stay up for the duration of the event, an additional cost will be incurred.
  • The Globe requires minimum 1.5 hours for set up and can only be set up on the day of the event (max 3 hours before the performance).
  • The Globe requires a clean, flat set up and strike area of 3 metres square at a location.