The Enchanted Birdcage

Enchanted Birdcage "Don’t get in a flap when it comes to sourcing unusual entertainment for your event, as our stunning oversized decorative bird cage will really give your function wings! Available to compliment your corporate event, club, exhibition or wedding décor, this Enchanted Birdcage comes complete with a professional aerial performer, dancer and contortionist.

Their unique and beautiful hoop duet combines the sensual and dramatic stunning fusion of circus skills and aerial dance.

The cage stands 3.5m high and lit with LED lighting which will transform the ambience and tone of any event in an instant

The cage comes fitted with apparatus which allows an experienced professional to perform acrobatic feats of brilliance, or simply sit and sing to a crowd of mesmerised onlookers. Whatever you want your very own caged beauty to do, they’ll be able to keep your guests entertained.

Main Act
: 2 x 7 minutes within a 3 hour period.

Ambient/Hang about Set: Up to 30 minutes. Ambient sets are not choreographed specifically to music and are usually slower paced than the main act.