Caricaturist / Cartoonist (Digital iPad) Trade Show & Exhibition

Our Digital Caricaturist draws on a tablet and the image can be linked to any number of screens, so people can see the picture as it is created. This is a great use of technology to entertain guests, clients and potential clients – the completed pictures can be printed, saved to disc, emailed, bluetoothed or Wi-Fi direct.

The caricature is in full colour, not practical with pen on paper.

A digital caricature, more importantly, can be circulated on social media immediately, with Twitter event hashtags, uploaded to Facebook, Instagram and all other platforms. There really is no limit to the possibilities including bespoke templates designed to your theme that carry all your event information. 


  1. The Caricaturist sketches the visitor as they chat.
  2. The visitor is entertained by watching the caricature develop on a flat screen TV – right from the very first stroke. (Provided by the client) 
  3. The live drawing of the visitor takes around 6 minutes.
  4. Once completed, the visitor gets to see their caricatures, and the Caricaturist collects their email address.
  5. The digital caricature is received on the visitor’s mobile phone which they can upload it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

It’s a great way to get exposure for your brand or event on key social networks!

Digital caricatures can be drawn on any drawing-enabled tablet or device such as iPad, Cintiq, Samsung Galaxy Note mobile, Tablet PC etc.

Our Digital Caricaturists have worked for many top computer manufacturing companies including Panasonic, Dell, Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, HP and Alienware.

The only requirements are WIFI access and a TV with HDMI access and displayed vertically.