Host & Hostesses

We can provide you with beautiful Hostesses or handsome Hosts for your event. They can be used in a variety of ways; meeting and greeting on the entrance of your venue, serving champagne and canapés, serving shots through ice sculptures, or getting the party started by encouraging your guests onto the dance floor.

Chosen Events Hostesses are highly experienced, professional, and intelligent, have charming, approachable personalities and endeavour to make your guests feel comfortable and welcome. Our Hostesses can be costumed to suit your event.


Greet Guests on Arrival
Having some of our staff welcoming your guests can be one of the most effective uses, they make a real impact and a great first impression as your guests arrive.

Serving Champagne
Perhaps let our staff serve champagne rather than the regular staff so they are all distinctive and can circulate topping up your guests glasses.

Mingle with Guests
Other than their attractive appearance, you can have them mingling and chatting with all the guests. They will charm them all with polite conversation.

Accompanying Speakers on Stage
You could have our staff walk around on and off stage with the guest speaker adding much glamour.

Showcasing or Promoting 
Whatever your product, if you provide us with your brief our staff can help you with your promotion from media drops and walkabouts to modelling.

Minimum of 2 girls can be booked.