Bollywood Stilt Walkers

Bollywood Stilt Walkers are truly great for any event as they stand tall and can be easily seen wherever they go, even in the midst of a busy event. Our Bollywood Stilt Walkers look spectacular as they stride above everybody else, interacting with the guests in many fun and memorable ways.

We also provide the stilt walker Lord Ganesh the god of good luck, good fortune and prosperity. He is the ideal visitor to any Indian themed party, regal, glamorous, and an excellent companion character for the wonderful Devi Durga Stilt Walker.

Devi Durga is the demon slaying mother goddess and she has 4 arms! She is absolutely spectacular and despite having a mask the children loved her too. Alone or with Ganesh she brings a high quality interactive element to the event.

Absolutely stunning for any Bollywood, Diwali, or Indian themed events.

2 x 45 minutes or 3 x 30 minutes sets to be taken within a 3 hour period