Bollywood Human Living Tables

The Bollywood Themed Living Tables make a unique meet and greet centre piece at any event.

The tables will entertain and create an exciting buzz and meet and greet your guests on arrival with their first cocktail or appetizer of the event.

Ideas to serve: wine, hors d'oeuvres, dessert, party bags, name tags, or whatever else you like.

Your choice of pink or blue tables, or better yet, book the pair!

Each table is 5ft round and 3ft height.


Set Up
Our Human Living Tables take up to 1 hour to set up. The ideal location for table is an area where performer can set up and pack up the table without being seen by the audience.

In cases where the table must remain in sight of guests, the breakdown would require two members of the events team to pack up the table for the performer. This is in order not to ruin the illusion of the Living Table performance. If the area is free of guests, the artist will pack away the table.

The artists in the tables are happy to pour Champagne and any non-stainable drinks. Canapes can be served, and must be provided on trays atop the table. N/B any drinks or food must be kept well supplied by the events staff, as the living tables are unable to restock themselves once inside the costume.

1 x 90 minutes or 2 x 45 minute sets over a 3 hour period.