LED Glow Peacock

A nine foot tall illuminated peacock?


Our fabulous Glow Peacock is unique and fun. His plumes are embellished with glorious LED light which travels up to the tips of his feathers, giving a delirious feeling of movement and glow. 

This gorgeous creature looks just as good in daylight hours flaunting his iridescent plumage day and night. He loves to strut amongst the crowd, dance to his own inbuilt theme tunes, or just cuddle.


  • The Peacock requires a Technical Assistant (included in the fee), and requires a minimum of 1 hour to set up before performance time.
  • The Peacocks are so popular, we do need someone to prevent the crowd from rushing/crowding the performer.
  • All prices include 1 x performer, plus 1 x technical assistant who will be required to activate the illumination, and help performers set up/take down.
  • Performance Area must be a clear, level surface.
  • A minimum of 4m square to move and turn around is required.
  • The peacocks do not perform in the rain, snow, ice or in wind above 15mph.

3 x 20 minute sets with a minimum 45 minutes break between shows