Face & Body Painters

When you book Face and Body paint artists for your event, you are providing your guests with a memorable and highly popular form of entertainment.  

It is suitable for both adult events and children’s parties, as our staff are trained to provide services for any age group. Our face painting and body painting professionals can offer you traditional face art, as well as body art, and also UV body art and face paint for a whole new way to decorate yourself.

Face and body arts are a fun and interactive way to get your guests in the mood to have a good time and party.  Our amazing face paint artists are trained to a very high level and can create incredible designs for you in just a matter of moments. Guests will find that they can choose from a preselected list of options that have been selected by you beforehand to best suit the theme of your event.

Our face painters use nothing but professional UV and matte paints. These paints are all are water-based, and also non-toxic, hypoallergenic and highly pigmented. This ensures that each design is incredibly vibrant, and also visible in both UV light and daylight as well. This is the perfect way to add a unique experience to your event and ensure some incredible photos are taken and forever captured.

Depending on the level of detail which is required for each design, our team of body and face paint artists can work through 10 guests every hour on average. That means that everyone will have the opportunity to have a go at getting their face painted and to look the part. We at Chosen Events work hard to ensure that every time we turn up to one of your events, you're fully happy with what you get from our team.


  • Celebrity Parties and Media Events
  • Office Parties and Fun Days
  • Sporting Events (Football, Rugby, Cricket, The Olympics etc.)
  • Garden Parties
  • Photoshoots
  • Advertising

2 or 3 hours