Human VIP Carpet

If you want to make an entrance with a difference and treat your guests like VIP celebrities then hire our unique Human Carpet entertainment.

Tongues will wag and your event will be the talking point from the moment your guests arrive – what an outstanding entrance!

Our beautiful lady in red or blue who oozes class and glamour greets guests with a red hot welcome!

How about going a step further and add our team of Paparazzi Photographers for the ultimate show?

The Human VIP Carpet can even be branded with a custom sticker!


1 x 90 minute set, with no breaks


  • The Human Carpet takes up to 1hour to set up. The ideal location would be an area where the performer can set up and pack up the carpet without being seen by the audience.
  • In cases where the carpet must remain in sight of guests, the breakdown would require two members of the events team to pack up the carpet for the artist. This is in order not to ruin the illusion of the Human Carpet performance. If the area is free of guests, the artist will pack away the carpet herself.
  • The Human Carpet’s costume extends into a long piece of red carpet measuring 2 x 6 metres.
  • The carpet must be extended in a straight line on a flat surface without steps, curves, or angles.
  • She will need help from a member of staff to vacuum the carpet/dress once it has been set up, as the performer will then be inside the costume.
  • Loading should be easy access, and a mirrored, lockable changing room, plus single parking space will be required.
  • A series of velvet ropes with weighted bases are available on request at no extra charge.