Ice Elves In a Snow Globe

The Chosen Events Ice Elves in a Snow Globe are a fabulous and fun addition for any event.

The Ice Elves appear frozen in time within their beautiful snow filled 2 metre world, atop a light up colour changing musical base.

Mischievous by nature, the Ice Elves prince and princess love nothing more than to surprise, and after many years of being frozen, curiosity often gets the better of them as they reach out and interact and dance with their audience and passes by.

At Christmas events their music changes to fun traditional Christmas music that they interact with each other and they love nothing more than getting passes by to joining in.

When these beautiful Ice Elves royalty thaw out, you will be dazzled by their ultra-bright twinkling light filled jackets and accessories which are at their most beautiful out of daylight, albeit still very visible. Their finest attire is also adorned with Swarovski crystals and icicle gems.

The Ice Elves can perform as interactive Living Statues in their wonderful globes or even on stilts so they can see far and wide bringing smiles and dancing along the way. The Ice Elves can be at their most mischievous when skating around on their light up roller skates, spinning, and dancing as well as having fun.

At events through the UK they have also thrilled guests in their snow globes and have gone on to mischievously skate around between courses in a cirque du soleil style, silent but extremely interactive. They have also helped with awards by collecting the lucky award winners from their seats to collect their acknowledgments.

The Ice Elves can perform in character or as statues within the globes. They can also perform walkabout in the globes. Outside of the globe they can perform stilt walking or roller skating.

3 metres tall, 2 metres wide

Super bright twinkling led lights inlaid into the costumes

Bright light up base, Colour changing or static on 1 colour Fully self-contained power so the snow Globes do not need to be near a plug socket, although for a quicker inflate being near a plug socket with our extension would be easier, but this is just to inflate. All light and sound power is self-contained.

The base is ideal for branding using static window stickers. The Snow Globe itself can also be branded in this way

Self-contained within the snow globe for Christmas or weddings - Traditional fun playlist during the rest of the calendar year.

The Elves can only be in the globe for a maximum time of 45 minutes.

Meet and Greet works best with the globe and the act is happy to perform 2 x 30 minute sets on stilts or roller skates after the performance in the globe if required.