LED Drummers (Flash)

Flash is a medium-scale street theatre show performed by seven characters that combine high-impact drumming, dynamic choreography and beautiful lighting design.

The performance combines static set-pieces, movement between sites and audience interaction. The performers constantly shift the focal point of the show and sometimes surround the audience completely so they feel immersed in the drama which unfolds. The show gradually builds in intensity culminating in a huge climax of light, sound, smoke and movement.

Flash is a highly adaptable site-specific show designed for audiences on the street, in town squares and parks or any other open space. It can also be performed on stage and indoors.

An optional pyrotechnic finale can be offered.


  • A street theatre show in a town square
  • A vibrant parade piece in a carnival
  • A static stage performance (or typically, as a combination of all of the above)
  • A stunning after-dinner show and memorable finale to any corporate event
  • An interactive crowd pleaser at a music festival

The beauty of Flash is that the colours of the drums and costumes can be programmed to match your corporate branding! Whether it’s a company launch, a conference or an after dinner show, Flash can be tailored specifically to your event. The show can be performed indoors or out, on a stage or in a large open area and the performers will interact with the audience creating a spectacular which will live long in people’s memories.

Set up Area / Dressing Room
A large heated (or air conditioned) space close to performance area (or the start of parade). *This total clear space should be at least 36 square metres (i.e. 6m x 6m or equivalent). The space must have two tables, 8 chairs, a large mirror, a clothes rail and easy access to running water and toilets. Bottled water for up to 8 people should also be supplied.

The Performers cannot prepare the show in an uncovered outdoor space.
*If a space is unavailable within 5 minutes’ walk of the performance site then a large minibus may be required for transport to and from the site.

Vehicle Access and Parking (if applicable)
Parking will be required for one large van and one car, the van will NOT fit in a multi-storey carpark.

For London and City Centre Shows (the van will not fit in NCP car parks unless they are open air).
Vehicle access to the dressing room will be required at least five hours before the performance time and after the show. Vehicle details available on request.  

Electrical Requirements
If doing more than one performance then they will require a minimum of two 220v/240v mains sockets for charging batteries between shows (and potentially overnight).

PAT test certificates available on request.

Site Visit and Walk-Through
The Flash team will need to visit all potential performance and parade sites and walk through the show before the performance.

Set up Time
3 hours

Set down
75 minutes

Stewarding For Street Theatre Shows and Festivals
The team will need a minimum of 1 steward to accompany the group during the show, and during any movement between performance sites. The performance involves a lot of movement in which the audience are required to move and the responsibility of the stewards will be to ensure that the audience is a safe distance from the group at all times. This includes preventing audience members from wandering between the performers and shepherding the audience as the performers move. It is the responsibility of the event organisers to supply enough stewards for the projected number of audience members.

Any reasonably large indoor space such as a banqueting hall, exhibition centre, a large function room, hotel foyer or shopping mall. Flash can perform on stage as well as moving around and interacting with the audience. The show can be tailored to suit any seating arrangement from theatre style to a more formal style of dinner set-up.

A floor plan with stage and seating arrangements will be required (ideally one month) in advance; this does not need to be to scale but must include dimensions.

Stage dimensions: minimum 6m x 4m

A large open, traffic-free area like a pedestrian street, town square, marketplace or park. The performance can work across and move between multiple sites in such an area including an outdoor stage. Whilst moving between performance sites Flash will adapt to the space available, e.g. the group can move in single file down a path or pavement or spread out to fill a wide road. Flash is a loud rhythmic performance so do not situate the show close to other acts.

Minimum Space: for static outdoor performance: 5m x 10m

Ideal Space: 10m x 10m

A map of the site will be required in advance; this does not need to be to scale but must include dimensions.

In a carnival, parade Flash should not be placed near to other musical acts in the parade.

Ideal Space: 5m width by 10m length. The configuration of the performers can be adapted to suit the available road width and space between groups.

During the parade Flash will adapt to the space available, e.g. the group can move in single file down a path or pavement or spread out to fill a wide road.

Indoors: From 5 minutes to 30 minutes, Flash will tailor the length of the performance to suit your needs. Flash can perform up to three 30 minute sets over the course of a day or evening.

Outdoors: Flash can perform for a total of 120 minutes split into shorter sets over the course of a day or evening. Each set would last a maximum of 60 minutes.

In a Parade: up to 90 minutes.

Time Between Shows: A minimum of 30 minutes.

Daylight Show: During daylight hours Flash is a beautiful and dynamic show with the performers’ costumes capturing and reflecting every bit of ambient light and colour.   

Outdoor Night Time/Indoor Show: The high-powered lights which are built into the costumes and drums will look most effective after dark or in a darkened indoor space (blackout is not necessary). Outdoor nighttime shows should be scheduled no earlier than sunset on the day of the performance. Street lights will not impact on the performance.

We recommend booking Flash to do a daytime and a nighttime performance.

The show is appropriate for international audiences of all ages. Audience numbers are limited only by the physical environment in which the show is performed and variables such as the height of staging.