Why have Pipers? The answer is simple. The Scottish Highland Bagpipes will make your event unique.

A Bagpiper can provide a stirring beginning, a grand entrance or a spectacular finale for any event.

Due to their use in the military, the Bagpipes have also become a ceremonial instrument and have been used in weddings, funerals, and other events for hundreds of years.

Pipers are perfect for a church ceremony or a civil ceremony. Their services are varied but they usually play their inspiring music as the guests arrive. Our Pipers can then play the bride into the ceremony and during the signing of the register. They then play their rousing music once you are officially announced as husband and wife.

Our Pipers play traditional Scottish and Irish music!

We also provide an amazing act who doesn’t only just play traditional Scottish and Irish music but can play all styles of music on the bagpipes, Blues, Rock, Jazz, ancient and modern as well as African and Indian music.

Ceremony: 1-2 hours

  • Pipe guests on arrival
  • Pipe Bride & Groom from the service
  • Pipe guests during the photographs (Pose in some photos if required)
  • Pipe Groom and Best Man into position
  • Pipe Bride down the aisle
  • Pipe during the signing of the register
  • Pipe Bride & Groom back up the aisle
  • Pipe Bridal Car as it leaves the ceremony

Reception: 1-2 hours

  • Pipe guests on arrival
  • Pipe the lineup
  • Pipe Bride and Groom to top table of the Wedding Breakfast
  • Pipe an exit

Ceremony and Reception: 2 - 4 hours
Elements of both the above

We have a selection of Bagpipers available to book for Asian events due to their ability to combine Highland pipes with Indian Dhol drumming to welcome the bride and groom and play throughout the wedding ceremony.

Pipers are adept at providing entertainment at key moments in the party:

Attendance time: 30 minutes - 1 hour

  • Pipe/surprise celebrant(s) - at the front of venue or walking up the street for example
  • Pipe a short set of up-tempo and novelty tunes – you may have a specific song request that the piper can play here
  • Pipe an exit

A Piper can play as the congregation arrives at the church or crematorium and at a number of key stages in the proceedings, including:


  • While the coffin is taken from the chapel to the hearse
  • Whilst leading the coffin from the hearse to the graveside
  • At the graveside


  • As the coffin is taken from the hearse inside the crematorium
  • During the service – pipe as the wreath is laid and/or as the curtain is drawn
  • At the end of the service as people leave the crematorium