Rodeo Bull Simulator

Rodeo Bull or Bucking Bronco as it's often known as, is a safer way of riding a Bull, and you don't have to kill it after riding it as a real cowboy would. Rodeo Bulls can often get out of control but obviously ours doesn't because it is programmed and operated by our own trained staff.

From a gentle ride for the inexperienced, to a faster ride for the more boisterous, our operator is always in control. As the rider falls off the mechanical bull they will fall gently onto the inflatable bed.

As our Rodeo Bull is a competition Bull, you can also hold competitions on it and program the same speed rides and motions for every competitor, making it fair for every rider and displaying their time on a digital clock.

The Rodeo Bull only comes out to you with an experienced operator. Other attachments also available are Rodeo Sheep, Rodeo Crocodile, Rodeo Broomstick, Rodeo Reindeer, Rodeo Camel, Rodeo Magic Carpet, Rodeo Beer Can and Rodeo Surf/Snowboard.

A great activity for dinner parties, corporate events, fun days, fete and fairs.

4 hours