David Brent / Ricky Gervais Lookalike

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Meet Lookalike star David Brent from the hit show The Office.  This lookalike is fantastic and as wacky with the famous dance and one liners and has appeared at numerous events, promotions, parties and exhibitions.

Lookalike David Brent/Ricky Gervais has also won best comedy lookalike on Stars and Their Doubles in 2005 and appeared on Channel 4's Richard & Judy as David Brent reviewing the American version of The Office, as well as being a contestant on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent.

Ricky probably wouldn't do it, plus he is very expensive, however, our Lookalike looks and sounds exactly like him and deliver his comedy speech like he would, so don't accept (other) imitations yeah just get him in, Ricky Gervais says he’s "brilliant".

This is something he revels in as it is usually winners like him who receive awards yeah, so he’ll have a lot in common with the winners and they usually hit it off big time.

Ant & Dec have got nothing on him in fact Davina McCall said he would be brilliant.

Imaging him meeting your guests at the entrance to your chosen venue, perhaps he could dress in the EMU Costume just for that extra comedy value yeah.

Why not have your guest take away a memory of the day or night they met the Brent Meister General himself.

He can get involved in many different scenarios and has appeared at:

Golden Globe Awards Spoof
Oscar Awards Spoof
The Office Olympics
The Office Murder Mystery
Photo Shoots
Video Shoots
Ricky Gervais Body Double
TV And Film
Comedy Stand Up
David And Gareth Entertain
Meet & Greet
Mix & Mingle

Our Gareth Keenan Lookalike is outstanding as the "Assistant to the Regional Manager" from 'The Office'.

Gareth can also be joined by our David Brent Lookalike and together these amazing Office Lookalikes can hand out management advice, health and safety tips and motivational speeches.

If you want to create media and public interest at your event get them to appear and give your guests and friends an evening to remember.

2 or 3 hours