Jaws (James Bond) Lookalike

  • Soundalike
  • Comedy
  • Interactive
  • Host
  • Other Skills

Cast as the unstoppable, steel toothed henchman in 1977’s The Spy Who Loved Me and then a reprise in Moonraker two years later, he has become one of the most popular villains in the series next to Odd Job.

Jaws Lookalike is one of the most requested Bond Lookalikes for James Bond events who comes in at 7 foot 2 inches and 26 stone.

Having travelled the world as a Jaws lookalike, he would be perfect to add some metal to your next corporate event, just don’t ask him to join you in your cable car on your next skiing holiday!!

Would you argue with him if he tried to stop you coming in without an invitation?

His routine is meeting and greeting guests upon arrival funny antics asking them for password, searching them with their consent and scanning them with metal detector and interaction.

He can then can be found intermingling with guests whilst having drinks, asking “if they would like a nibble or two”. (ha ha)

Then with his booming voice if you’re having dinner he can announce dinner is served (if required to do so).

Once the guests are sat down, he will then amuse them with the strangulation of napkins around necks (the men only with this), and ask the ladies if they require a manicure with my sparkling metal teeth etc.

After the main course has been served he’ll mingle with guests, asking “if there are any complaints about the meal and service?”

2 or 3 hours