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Chosen Events Top Tips on Getting The Best Out Of Your Wedding Entertainment

29-August-2021 22:17
in General
by Admin

After the wedding dress, your wedding entertainment is the next thing your guests will remember about your wedding, so make sure their memories are good ones!

  1. Don’t go cheap! Professional entertainment is like any other service… you get what you pay for. Remember if you pay peanuts you will get monkeys. 

    Booking a Band, DJ or Photo Booth just because they give you the cheapest quote, very rarely has a happy ending. Chosen Events Entertainment receive calls regularly from brides who have been let down by their entertainment supplier, often this is less than a week before the big day. You don’t want that worry for the sake of sometimes only a couple of hundred pounds.
  1. Make sure you have a CONTRACT, which clearly states what their price includes. This contract should clearly state: arrival, start, performance and finish times and if you are booking a musical entertainer, make sure you know if they will be supplying the speakers and lights and any other necessary equipment for the performance.
  1. Insurance! Anyone, you book (even a non-musical entertainer should have public liability insurance. If they don’t, you run the risk of the venue not allowing them to perform. Check with your venue how much cover they will need, most venues will ask for cover between £2,000,000 – £5,000,000 some larger more prestigious venues will ask for cover up to £10,000,000.  IMPORTANT! IMPORTANT! IMPORTANT! IMPORTANT!
  1. Find out what system they have in place if a member of the act is unable to perform. We all get ill from time to time and are unable to do our job. Most professional acts have ‘substitute’ performers in place who can step in at short notice to replace the missing performer.
  1. If you’re booking a band, choose one that will try and suit everybody’s musical tastes. You may be the biggest fan of heavy metal and plan to mosh on the dance floor all night long, but the chances of older guests wanting to listen to this are slim! By just choosing a band according to your own tastes, you may end up with a very quiet dance floor. Instead, you may want to consider choosing entertainers who can play some of the music you love but also a mixture of classic floor fillers. We like to call these bands ‘Versatile Function Bands’.
  1. Do look after your entertainer(s) to enable them to put on a better show. For an evening performance, a band will typically arrive at around 5.30pm to set up and are not usually on the road again until after 1.00am. That’s a minimum of 7 ½ hours at your venue, not to mention the time it took them to get there and the time it will take them to get home. 

    A basic hot meal, soft drinks and a room to get changed in and chill out in when they are not performing can make the world of difference to any hard-working performer. No one can work to their full potential on an empty stomach or look their best by getting changed in their car. If you want to get the best out of your entertainers, treat them (almost) like they are a guest.
  1. Check the minimum stage size that the entertainer(s) needs to perform. Stage areas that are the wrong size can cause problems for many performers and can sometimes mean they cannot perform to their full potential.


Line Dancers (Supreme)
1 Star
It was the first time that the Club has used a similar service and the dancers were excellent and also able to flex their approach to meet our needs (as the stage space was limited and headset mics in short supply). We captured some fantastic photos that show just how much our employees enjoyed the event and all the dancers were friendly and helpful. It helped us to get into the party spirit and also set the Western theme/tone really well
Newcastle United Football Club
Badge Caricaturist
1 Star
They were amazing and the crew had a fantastic time! Please thank them again for me!
WTTV Productions Ltd
Mirror Dancers
1 Star
Your Mirror Dancers were Excellent, so very charming and accommodating and I wouldn’t hesitate to book them again especially if they were the very same two, they are a credit to you and your company.
Milsom Hotels & Restaurants
Mind Reading Show
1 Star
Mark was great! He was extremely professional and truly entertained all of our guests. Would definitely recommend him for similar award evening events such as ours. Also I wanted to thank you Leslie for answering my many queries, providing us with lots of options, and ultimately helping us book Mark.
Carlisle Support Services
Roaming Bubble Performers
1 Star
Firstly, just wanted to say a massive thanks to you and your fabulous artists for all the help last season, all events were incredibly well received by the fans (as always!).
West Ham United Football Club
Silhouette Artist
1 Star
Magicians, Caricaturist and Silhouette performers were great! Definitely 5*! Thank you very much Leslie.
Rabobank International Bank
Football Simulator
1 Star
The event was a huge success and we have had some great feedback. It was certainly one of the most popular areas of the night!
Chelsea Football Club
Close up Magician, Mind Reader & Pickpocket
1 Star
Your team of magicians, pickpocket and mind reader went down so well last year we would love to book them again please – the pickpocket was hilarious!
UKLA – United Kingdom Lubricants Association
Snow Globe Photo Booth
1 Star
I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and the guys that came last week. They were lovely and very helpful and accommodating. I hope it wasn't too hectic for them.
The Economist Group
360 Booth
1 Star
Thank you so much for being part of our event – George was great! We love the videos – I have shared them with the team!